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Answering the top 15 questions about tree trimming services in Dallas TX. 1. What is tree trimming? Trimming is the technique of clipping and cutting branches strategically for three main purposes: Trimming can also reduce the crowding of plants that have been planted too closely together. 2. Do landscapers trim trees? Many landscapers do offer […]

5 Low Maintenance Fall Landscaping Ideas for Dallas and North Texas (With Pictures)

In this article, we will present some of our best landscaping and hardscaping ideas for the fall in Dallas and North Texas. Our ideas consider practicality and effortless elegance. We’re here to ensure both the present enjoyment and future success of your yard. High Quality Landscape Services The North Texas region has mainly mild to […]

Top 5 trees to plant in Dallas, Texas

Top 5 trees to plant recommended for Dallas, TX recommended by High Quality Landscape Services Red Oak-Durable, long lived shade tree. Beautiful fall color with leaf loss in the winter. Grows up to 90ft. with a 50ft. canopy. Drought resistant and freeze hardy. Grows up to 2ft. per year. Grows well in our alkaline limestone soil. The acorns […]

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