In our current environment of water restrictions, diminishing resources, and rising costs, a properly designed, installed and maintained water management system is critical to your landscapes health and appearance.  Over-watering can result in fungus issues, unwanted weeds and pests, and extra costs.  Under-watering can result in root problems in your trees, shrubs, plants and lawn.

High Quality Landscape Services can provide for all of your irrigation needs, including system design, installation and regular maintenance.  High-tech systems installed and maintained by our trained technicians will keep your landscape lush and flourishing while helping to reduce the impact to our environment.

We are proud to service residential, government and commercial locations in DFW. (Click here to view our service areas.)

Our irrigation and water management services include:

  • New system design
  • New system installation
  • Maintenance, repair and upgrades
  • Drainage
  • Erosion prevention and control
  • System modifications and re-routing
  • Control box replacement and programming

We are dedicated to creating beautiful landscapes and providing you with exceptional service.  Call on us today to experience the High Quality advantage

Guaranteed Top-of-the-Line Sprinkler Systems and Irrigation Systems

With the installation of our top-of-the-line sprinkler systems, you can rest assured that your irrigation systems are in the best hands. Our sprinkler timer and sprinkler solenoid are guaranteed to provide the best results and wire connections will be done with precision. We also offer voltage reading services to ensure that your sprinkler systems are running at peak efficiency during business hours. At High Quality Landscape Services, we are dedicated to providing you with the best sprinkler systems and irrigation systems, so you can be confident that we place your satisfaction in first place.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy with Sprinkler Systems

Keep your lawn looking lush and green with our top-of-the-line sprinkler systems. Our expert team of technicians can help you install, repair, and maintain your sprinkler system, from clogged sprinkler heads to water pressure issues to replacing sprinkler timers. 

Troubleshoot Sprinkler Issues with Experienced Technicians

When you’re in need of sprinkler repair, you can rely on our experienced technicians. We have the proper tools and knowledge to troubleshoot and diagnose irrigation system issues, such as clogged heads, damaged wires, and backflow devices. Plus, we offer same-day service and provide detailed explanations of the repair process. 

Prevent Costly Leaks with Professional Sprinkler Repair

Don’t let a sprinkler leak drive up your water bill! Our team has the experience and expertise to quickly identify and fix any wiring issues, voltage readings, waterproof connectors, and more. Plus, we’ll provide owner’s manual instructions and a comprehensive demonstration of your sprinkler system, so you can be sure it’s working properly.

Expert Sprinkler System Maintenance 

Save your time and money by coming to us for all your sprinkler system needs! We have the expertise and know-how to quickly locate and fix any sprinkler leaks, replace broken sprinkler heads, check and adjust water pressure, and replace any damaged or old sprinkler timers. We can also inspect your backflow device and take voltage readings to ensure your entire system is functioning properly.

Quick and Reliable Sprinkler Head Repair 

Don’t waste your time and energy digging up your yard to locate a broken sprinkler head or control valve. Our technicians can quickly and accurately locate the problem and repair it with top-of-the-line new solenoid and sprinkler head parts. We guarantee fast and reliable service that you can trust.

The Best Sprinkler System Service Around

Don’t settle for second best, come to us first for the finest sprinkler system service around! Our team of experts makes sure each job is done right the first time, with careful inspection and testing of your entire irrigation system. Our great service and attention to detail are what sets us apart from the rest. With us, you can trust that your sprinkler system will be running like new in no time!

Fix Residential Wiring Now

If you’re experiencing leaks in your residential wiring, it’s time to fix the problem now and save yourself the cost of repair in the future. Our professional team of technicians can quickly locate and replace the damaged section, while also providing complete installations and replacements of controllers, solenoids, and transformers. Sign up for a free consultation to determine the best course of action for your wiring repairs.

Repair Leaky Grass Wiring

Have you noticed dry spots in your grass due to a leak in your wiring? We have the tools and skills necessary to pinpoint and repair the leak quickly and efficiently, while also protecting your wires from future damage. Our team will provide a detailed analysis of your wiring system and provide an estimate to repair and replace any damaged components.

Professional Wiring Installations and Replacements

If you’re looking for an installation or replacement of wiring components, our team has the range of skills and experience to get the job done right. With our free access to videos and tutorials, you can even watch and learn how to install and replace solenoids, controllers, and transformers yourself. Search for our range of services and schedule an appointment to get your wiring repairs completed today!

Fixing Clogged Pipes and Fixtures

Are you dealing with clogged pipes and garden fixtures? Don’t worry, we have the job-winning power to fix them! Our professional setup and experience in installing, developing, and maintaining reliable water fixtures can determine the root of the problem and get your house back in working order in no time. With our nozzle technology, moisture testing, and voltage checking, we’ll have you up and running with a green, healthy yard in no time.

Reliable Garden Fixture Repair

Looking for a reliable business to repair and fix your garden fixtures? Our decades of experience and knowledge of the latest water fixtures and timers can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll visit your house, test the affected pipes, and connect the necessary parts to get you back on track. No matter how complicated the job, our experienced team can handle it with ease.

Tearing Up Your Old Yard – We’ve Got You Covered!

It’s time to tear up your old yard and start fresh! We understand that finding the right fixtures, timers, and pipe connections can be a course of its own. We accept the challenge to get your garden up and running in the shortest amount of time. Our team knows the best way to fix the affected parts and test the rest to make sure it is working correctly. With our knowledge and expertise, you can trust us to get the job done.