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Carrollton Landscaping

Whether you’re looking to improve the front of your house or your backyard, our team of landscaping experts is here to help. We offer a variety of services from lawn care and mowing to planting and hardscaping. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of workmanship and materials, ensuring that your outdoor space looks beautiful for years to come. So if you’re looking for a reliable and high quality landscaping company, then look no further than High Quality Landscape Services.

We offer dependable landscaping services in Carrollton to keep residential, commercial and government yards in great condition. Check out our gallery to see some of our high quality work.

Our landscaping services include:

Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or a remodel for your Carrollton landscape, we can help. Call us or fill out our contact formc to book your high quality service today.

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Carrollton Lawn Maintenance

If you need help keeping your lawn looking its best, the lawn care professionals at High Quality Landscape Services can provide the reliable service you need. We offer a variety of lawn care services in Carrollton, including: 

We can assist you whether you need a one-time service or a recurring lawn care plan. Let us take care of your lawn care needs so you can enjoy your outdoor space.

Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance turf solution or a lush natural sod, our articles on artificial turf and sod installation offer their unique benefits, providing yard owners with the flexibility to choose the best option that suits their lifestyle and landscaping needs.

Pest control is also something important to keep on top of, like detecting and getting rid of chinch bugs. We are knowledgeable on different lawn diseases and pests. We can help you prevent bugs and keep your lawn green and healthy with regular maintenance.
We’ve also got a very detailed article on common sprinkler system errors and repairs, which could be a great resource for those with questions about what could be causing trouble with their irrigation systems. Whether you need sprinkler system installation or sprinkler repair, High Quality Landscape Services can handle these technical tasks with expertise and finesse.

Carrollton Vertical Gardens

High Quality Landscape Services specializes in vertical garden installation and maintenance in Carrollton. Our vertical gardens are the perfect solution to bring life and natural beauty to your home or business. With these gardens, our customers can enjoy the benefits of a thriving garden on a wall, allowing the option of growing their own food and herbs indoors or outdoors. Our Vertical Garden Ideas for 2023 article is a great resource for inspiration, videos, and pictures on different kinds of vertical gardens.

Our vertical garden services include:

  • Design and installation
  • Vertical garden maintenance
  • Vertical garden repair
  • Vertical garden remodeling
  • Vertical garden restoration

Whether you need a new vertical garden for your home or an upgrade for your commercial business, High Quality Landscape Services can help.

Living in Carrollton

Living in Carrollton, Texas is a great experience for families and individuals alike. With a population of around 140,000, Carrollton is a bustling city with plenty of economic and cultural opportunities. The city is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, so there is plenty to do and see. From shopping centers to museums, there are countless activities to explore. Additionally, the city is home to a variety of restaurants and businesses, making it a great place to live.

For those looking to settle down in Carrollton, they will be pleased to know that the economic prospects are very good. The city is home to several major companies, including Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Frito-Lay, and Dallas County Community College. Additionally, the city boasts a low unemployment rate and a booming real estate market. The median home price in Carrollton is around $250,000, making it an attractive option for those looking to buy a home. 

For those looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, Carrollton has plenty to offer. The city is home to a number of parks and trails, as well as a variety of restaurants and shops. The city also hosts regular festivals and events throughout the year, giving residents plenty of opportunities to enjoy the local culture and community. You can find more information, news and Carrollton events at

Pool and Lawn

If you’re also looking for pool maintenance, repairs and remodels, check out our article on the benefits of consolidating your pool and lawn care into one specialized and highly-trained team. To have a more in-depth view of our joined pool and lawn services, visit our Community Home Services website.